"If you think hiring a Professional can be costly, wait until you hire an Amateur.."

Weddings can be an expensive endeavour for that one perfect day.  The photos of that day however, will last a lifetime.  Don't end up with regrets because you made compromises on quality for cost.  
I will work with you and your budget.


Visit the page "Client Galleries" and then scroll down to find your very own private client gallery.  Enter your password when prompted, to view your images.  If you have forgotten your password, you will need to call 416-918-7004 or email sandi@randommomentsphotography and provide your full name as written on your contract with your contract number and your Gallery Password will be emailed to you directly.

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Contact me:  sandi@randommomentsphotography.ca  Call: 416-918-7004 to book.